Tools of the trade

I started learning how to ink right after the Image Comics revolution started. Seems like every artist I’ve meet at convention during that time would always tell me to “practice and master the nib.”  So I thought that was THE tool to learn. 

Once I got the hang of using the quill nib, I later meet Paul Smith, who basically turned my world upside down. “Walden, you need to learn how to use a brush. Relax a little, don’t be so stiff. Master the brush, use the Force!”  Those were his words to me. Months of practicing with Paul and studying Alex Raymund printed work (Paul’s recommendation), I master the brush. Learning the brush was a long road for me, but well taken.

Then microns came along and more new tools along the way, which I took it upon myself to learn how to “master” them all. Once you understand how each tool work, you can use them to its efficiency. 

Every tool can ink the same line or textures, regardless if it’s brush, pen, micron or toothpicks. But each individual tool is more EFFICIENT in inking certain lines and textures over another. Knowing how each tool work can make an artist save time and be effective. 

The tools doesn’t control the artist... the artist controls the tools.

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